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Early childhood education from 12 weeks to 5 years

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy reflects the values and belief systems and is the lens that guides our practices, curriculum and standards of care. 

Image of the Child”       “Image of Relationships”       “Image of Environment”      “Image of Community”

These images form the foundation of our holistic approach to Care and Education at Roxby Early Learning Community Group. 

Image of the Child

We Celebrate the natural uniqueness of the whole child, valuing each child’s interests, ideas, and sense of agency represented in all, being visible throughout the process of learning.

We Acknowledge a child’s right to explore spaces that are held by our educators with acceptance and encouragement.  The divine gift we give to a child, is being present, providing the child with permission to just “be”, receiving unconditional reassurance and support of their efforts.

We encourage opportunities that allow for a child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, it is such opportunities that provide inspiration and allow for expansion of the child’s self-awareness, as well as the awareness of others.

We recognise and understand that each child has a unique ability of natural wonder; children are capable, intuitive, energetic, and have a right for self-expression and self-autonomy.

Image of Environment

We consciously practice an approach that is mindful of our surroundings ensuring they reflect an essence of calm and consideration, necessary for the physical and emotional safety for children, families and educators. 

We honour the natural beauty of our Arid surroundings with respect to the harshness of the environment.  We acknowledge the past who have walked before us, and the present who walk with us, appreciating all flora and fauna in which we have a responsibility to nurture. 

Our environment is reflective of the respect we have for children. Our respect for the materials we introduce, the resources we maintain, and the right for children to explore the vast possibilities within our surrounds, recognising the environment as “the third teacher”. 

We create spaces that invite opportunities for exploration, curiosity, observation, investigation, imagination, discovery, allowing children to experience problem solving and choice. We do this by valuing consistency, and predictability within the child’s environment.

Image of Relationships

We invite the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with families. Embracing the qualities of diversity and difference, respecting the integral involvement families play in their child’s life.

We recognise healthy relationships, these begin with reciprocal authentic exchanges, modelling enriches, strengthens and broadens connections in a child’s world.

We embrace difference, diversity and equity in our relationships with families, we do this by modelling respect, showing sensitivity, and providing a safe caring space to belong.

We value family involvement, as it is the quality of this thread that strengthens the connection between home, care and education, thus, the foundation of trust and a secure base for learning.

Image of Community

We encourage partnerships that promote healthy experiences for children by connecting with people and events within our local Community.  It is these windows to the outside world through which children learn new experiences and create a broader understanding of society. 

Our understanding of children in the context of their family and community establishes a greater chance of positive connections, we are committed to building a sanctuary of trust so that all children have a right to be safe and secure. 

Our curriculum is inclusive and reflective of societal experiences that encourage broader social awareness. We encourage participation in community events, celebrations and activities that align with ethical approaches, such as recycling, sustainability and welcome collaboration from specialists in the wider community, to assist and sustain this culture. 

We seek and encourage links with professional networks to assist with relevant training, professional development, and learning experiences consistent with key guiding documents, standards of care and frameworks that underpin best practice.

Our Services

 Roxby Early Learning is a not-for-profit, long day care community that educates and cares

for children aged 12 weeks to 5 years. 

We are open from 6.30am to 6.00pm – Monday to Friday except for public holidays and our annual two-week compulsory closure over the Christmas / New Year period. 

*Notice will always be given of closure dates through our newsletters, and via email and social media. 

Prior to your child’s enrolment, we encourage you and your child/ren to have a tour of the Centre, meet the Educators and have the opportunity to ask questions to help your child/ren’s transition.

Nursery Room


Toddler Room

 2 - 3 YEAR OLD

Pre-Kindy Room

3 - 5 YEAR OLD

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Open Hours?

 The Centre is open Monday to Friday

6.30 am – 6.00 pm

50 weeks a year.

We are closed between Christmas and New Year

and are closed on all Public Holidays.

Session Times:

Full day                               6.30 am –  6.00 pm
Morning Session                  6.30 am – 12.30 pm
Afternoon Session               12.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Ten Hour Session                7.30 am – 5.30 pm

School Hour Session          8.00 am – 3.30 pm 

Before Kindy Session          6.30 am – 8.30 am

After Kindy session             3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

What to pack for lunch?
Hats and sunscreen

While we supply sunscreen for children to use, if you prefer to supply your own, please ensure it is clearly labelled and the educators are made aware of this by writing it on your child’s enrolment form. A sun protective hat must be worn every day when playing outside for protection against the sun. Please make sure to include it in your child’s bag every day regardless of the weather conditions. Please ensure your child’s hat is clearly labelled.

Can my child follow the same routine as at home?

In the Nursery space, the educators do their best to incorporate your home routine into your child’s day. In the Toddler and Pre-Kindy spaces, the educators and children follow a flexible and progressive daily routine, however should you have anything you wish to incorporate, please don’t hesitate to speak to the educators or Director.

What do I need to pack for my child's day?


Please ensure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled.

sleep and rest

Rest and sleep routine varies according to individual needs.  We aim to make rest time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children. We provide cots for babies and stretcher beds for older children. While we do provide bedding, if you wish to bring your child’s bedding from home, it will be kept in a named bag in the sleep room and sent home at the end of your child’s week. Your child may also wish to bring a comforter item to have at rest time. Please feel free to discuss your child’s rest or sleep needs with Educators.


We are more than happy to help you and your child through the process of toilet training, just let the room educators know when you are starting this process and pack lots of spare clothes for throughout the day.

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